Jan 02 2007

Day 2

Going to be another short one tonight, I’m afraid, although it’s still early, so I might add more later. I’ve got a list of things in my notepad to blog about once I get this the way I want it, but I’ve got a few more things to do before I get started. There are a ton of features at this site, so in addition to this blog, I’ve also been setting up an online store, a wiki (probably for documenting my programming code, although it could have other uses), and some other things. I’ll link to them once there’s something there to see.

Had another good day diet-wise, with eggs for breakfast, nuts and cheese for lunch, and eggs and a burger again for supper. Kinda boring, but right now I’m keeping it simple and keeping the carbs very low, to keep the cravings of this first couple weeks as weak as possible. I just went to the store, and the clearance-priced Christmas candy was pretty tempting, but I managed to abstain.

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