Jun 08 2009

Good News

I’d been getting kind of bummed lately about my Latin lessons, because it didn’t seem like I was getting any traffic to them.  Then I discovered I couldn’t see the traffic because I’d never installed the Google Analytics code on them.  I did that Saturday, and Sunday I had twice as many hits on my Latin pages as on my blog!

Judging by the searches, most were people looking to translate a particular phrase, so they bounced as soon as they did or didn’t get their answer; but it’s really nice to know people are getting some use out of them.  I’m a lot more excited now about keeping them up and expanding them with podcasts.

I almost got the roof on the chicken house finished Sunday, before I got rained out.  I tacked the last piece of tin on temporarily with a couple screws, but I need to finish trimming that one and put it on properly.  I’ll take some pictures soon, and maybe write up a little how-to.  I’m hoping it cuts down on the crowing in the morning.  Previously, it had a piece of canvas over the top with clear plastic over that, and it let in quite a bit of sunlight, so the rooster was crowing pretty early every morning.  If this keeps it fairly dark in there, he may save it for later.  He crows any time of day, but I don’t think it’ll bother people too much if it’s not waking them up.

We have a little routine now: when it gets dark, he perches on the fence or something and goes to sleep, so he’s in position to crow at the break of dawn.  I go out at bedtime and pick him up and stick him in the chicken house with the hens when I shut them all up.  They sleep so deeply once they roost, it’s no wonder they’re such easy prey for predators like raccoons.  By the time he realizes what’s happening, I’ve picked him up and tucked him under my arm so he can’t flap around.

A little not-so-good news: we found out we can’t sell eggs at the farmer’s markets in town unless we get an egg license, which would require inspections, candling, grading, and lots of other stuff that would probably mean we’d need to charge $10/dozen to make any money on a small scale.  So we won’t be doing that.  Anyone who wants eggs, just contact us and we’ll get them to you somehow.  I can always bring them to St. Rose with me on Sunday or some weekdays, if I know people want them.

The first shelled peas are starting to fill the pods, and the earliest green beans have tiny beans on them now.  More garden pictures to come within the next couple days.

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