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This book by Steven Saylor is the first in the Gordianus the Finder series. Gordianus is a Roman citizen who finds things and information for people – an early detective – and gets tangled up with famous characters like Julius Caesar and Pompey the Great in the process. The books are filled with plenty of well-researched historical background about everyday Roman life and the politics and power struggles of the time.

Welcome to Learn Latin! Our mission is to help anyone interested in Latin to learn the language well enough to read classics like Caesar and Cicero, follow along in the Latin Mass, or any other use of Latin.

Our Free Weekly Lessons are the core of the site, and we will continue adding to them until they form a complete Latin course. We also plan to do video lessons that work together with the printed ones. Follow LearnLatin4Free on Twitter to get tips and personal answers to your questions, or to make suggestions for the site.

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