Jan 01 2007

About Me

This is approximately my 42nd attempt at keeping a blog or diary, so wish me luck. I’ve always wanted to keep some sort of journal, because my memory isn’t that great, and it’d be nice to be able to look back and see events as I saw them at the time, without the fog of time passed. I’m not very good at developing and keeping regular habits, though. It helps that I know I’ve got at least a few readers here, so I’m not just writing into the void.

I’d also like to become a better writer, and writing seems to be one of those skills that can only be improved with repetition. I’ve always written a lot on the Internet, in Usenet groups and other forums, but here I can gather my thoughts in one place and know that they’re not going to dissolve in the wake of some other site’s hard drive crash.

Topics will be whatever’s on my mind, plus highlights from my daily life. As I write this, I’m actually a few weeks into it, and so far I’ve focused a lot on diet and nutrition, but that’s because that’s something I’m personally focused on right now. Future posts could be on almost anything, but I expect you’ll see plenty about the Latin Mass, town life here in Quincy, computer programming, and any other business ventures I get involved in.

I’m also testing a lot of software, including plugins and themes for this blog, so don’t be surprised if the style changes drastically from time to time. If something seems to be broken, though, please let me know. Display bugs don’t always show up on every browser, so I might have no idea my site looks like heck.

Enjoy, and leave comments!

PS. “JF” after my name in the header stands for Johannes Factotum, which is Latin for “Jack of all trades.”  I doubt any college is ever going to put initials after my name (unless I get rich enough to give them a building, which sounds like about the last thing I’d ever do), so I thought I’d pick out some fitting letters of my own.

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