Dec 13 2009

Latin Mass Propers

I’ve been doing the propers for the Latin Mass at St. Rose for a while, so I thought I might as well put them up where other people could download them.  The texts are available online in many places, but not in a nice ready-to-print format, and many of them have typos or variations in the translation, so it always takes time to paste together the right accented Latin with the right English translation and then fix any problems.  (Please inform me if you find any mistakes in these; I’m leaving the comment form open for that purpose.)

These are all in Word (.DOC) format, and the English translations match the 1962 Roman Missal from Baronius Press that we use.  You’ll want to change the title to your own parish, but other than that they should be ready to use.  I’m also putting up the PDF versions, in case anyone just wants to read it online.

I’ll be putting up the entire year, plus some feast days, as I get a chance to go back through them and make sure they’re okay.  (I wasn’t very good at this basic desktop publishing stuff when I started.)  I’ll try to stay a week ahead of the calendar, so people have time to get them printed. There are some printing instructions at the bottom of the page.  Enjoy!

Proper of the Season

Proper of the Saints

Printing Instructions

These are four-page documents (except for a few that are longer), designed to be printed on a folded 8.5×11 piece of paper.  In Open Office, I do this by selecting US Letter and Landscape (under Print -> Properties) and Brochure mode (under Print -> Options).  The Brochure option shrinks it down, so I start with larger fonts than normal.  I assume something similar would be possible in Microsoft Word.

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