Jan 05 2007

So Far So Good

Wow, the change in diet is really kicking in now. One thing that often happens on a low-carb diet is appetite suppression. Without the excess glucose in your blood and the corresponding rise in insulin production, you don’t get the same cravings for food as before. You actually have to be careful not to forget to eat, as I did until after noon today. In fact, many people think that’s the “trick” to low-carb diets: they decrease your appetite so you eat fewer calories and lose weight.

That’s horse-hockey — calories have little to do with weight gain or loss, and nothing to do with why low-carb eating improves health and weight. (I’ll write a long treatise on how it all works someday; I’ve probably written enough about it in newsgroups to fill a book.) It’s important to keep getting plenty of fat and protein, so your body can stay healthy and rebuild and you don’t find yourself hungry at times when there aren’t any good low-carb choices handy.

Anyway, it’s a little weird right now, because I’m getting this huge energy boost, and it feels like my body is ready to go into overdrive, but my mind hasn’t quite caught up to it yet. It’s a sort of a direction-free restlessness. Now if I can just get a handle on it and put it to use.

I’ve finally got a main page up for my personal web site, at http://aaron.baugher.biz/. There isn’t much there yet, but I wanted something for people to see if they stumbled over it before I announced it, and I’m playing with some design themes and getting started on an outline for it. Feedback is welcome, as always!

Well, my venison/pork burgers are done, and Pepper’s eyeballing me, anxious to go for a walk, so ’til next time….

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