Jan 10 2007


Things went well with the meal plans today. I had ordinary eggs and sausage for breakfast, then chili for lunch, and pork chops and a salad for supper. I have to make up tomorrow’s menus in a bit, but I think I’ll be putting some pork steaks in the crock pot all day for supper, and I’ve got the other half of that head of cauliflower to use.

Wow, it was cold today. Cold for walking the dog, anyway. We went west, about seven blocks to the edge of town, so she could run in the fields for a while, and I nearly froze before we got back. I really have to bundle up better for those walks these days. Pepper loves the cold, of course. She’d stay out in it all day, as long as she could spend it exploring and looking for things that need chasing or peeing on.

I did some more work on the web site today. Changed the theme of the main site (not the blog), because there were a couple annoying things about it, like the way it insisted on justifying the text on both sides. Opinions about the themes I try are welcome, of course. I got some of the code patches I’ve done lately up there, and soon I’ll be adding some full programs I’ve written.

Somewhere around here I’ve got a list of topics to blog about, rather than my daily minutiae. I’ll have to dig that out tomorrow and pick one. Stay tuned!

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