Jan 17 2007

Skating, anyone?

I think if I had a pair of ice skates, I could skate in the park next to my house today. No, there’s no pond there; there’s just enough ice frozen on top of the grass that it holds my weight without even cracking. It’d be a little rough, and the slope might be an issue on skates….

Even Pepper doesn’t like it. She loves the cold and the snow, but not so much the sliding around and being unable to keep her footing. She has a hard time even standing on three feet to pee on all the things that need peeing on, and that clearly bothers her.

The diet is still going fine. Sorry to anyone who’s actually reading this regularly; I know I’ve been falling down on regular updates. I just haven’t been cooking anything spectacular enough to bother talking about. I did cook a huge meatloaf the other night, with venison burger, turkey burger, and pork sausage, plus diced onion, celery, and yellow bell pepper, but other than that, it’s been eggs, roasts, salads, stuff like that.

I weighed myself this morning, and was 238. My scale isn’t that accurate — stepping off and right back on can make a 3-4 pound difference — so I don’t bother with it very often, but I was curious. Inches around the waist are a better indicator of fat loss, and I’m starting to notice a difference there. Mostly I feel a heck of a lot better, and that’s the main thing.

I did have kind of a nagging low-level headache that wouldn’t quite go away, and then I remembered that I’d run out of potassium salt (Morton Lite Salt) and was using the regular kind. Potassium is the one thing that low-carbers sometimes don’t get enough of, if they don’t make sure to get plenty of vegetables, so I use the Lite Salt to supplement it. When you’re low on potassium, it can lead to muscle cramps and pain, and I think that’s where the stiffness in my neck was coming from. I got a new can of KaCl a couple days ago, and poof! No more headaches.

More to come later today…..I think!

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