Jan 25 2007


It figures. I finally find my camera yesterday, so my DVD player dies on me today. I guess that way the universe is still in balance. It’s not a huge loss, since I paid $30 or so for the thing and used it for a year. Still annoying, though. Maybe it’s time to get a burner for the computer, so I can watch things there and rip them and so on.

By the way, the diet is still going fine. I had a sausage, spinach, mushroom frittata yesterday that was very good. Frittatas are great. Melt some butter in a hot skillet, pour in beaten eggs, then when they’re cooked about halfway through, spread your meat and veggies on top, then sprinkle with some cheese. Put it in the oven on high heat until the cheese bubbles, and you’re all set. Takes a little longer than an omelet, but you don’t have to stand over it the whole time.

I discovered one thing today, though: venison burger isn’t very good with eggs. It’s too dry a flavor somehow; like beef, only worse. I’ll stick with pork sausage or bacon for breakfast from now on, and save the deer meat for chili and casseroles and such.

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