Jan 26 2007

Cholesterol Myth

I know I’ve posted a lot about low-carbing and diet lately, and I don’t want my blog to be all about that, but I ran across another very good article today. This one is all about the cholesterol myth: where it came from, why it has such a stranglehold on us, and why it’s wrong. Money quote:

The MR-FIT trial in the USA was the most determined effort to prove the case. This was a massive study in which over 350,000 men at high risk of heart disease were recruited. In one set of participants, cholesterol consumption was cut by 42 percent, saturated fat consumption by 28 percent and total calories by 21 percent. This should have made a noticeable dent in heart disease rates.

But nothing happened. The originators of the MR-FIT trials refer to the results as ‘disappointing’, and say in their conclusions: ‘The overall results do not show a beneficial effect on Coronary Heart Disease or total mortality from this multifactor intervention.’ [my emphasis]

That’s an enormous study, and there are plenty of others like it, but they go against conventional wisdom and billions of dollars invested in food and health marketing, so they’re ignored. Here’s the link!

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