Feb 15 2007

Found My Camera!

I may have mentioned this before, but I found my camera, after missing it for several months. So I took a few pictures, and I’ll come up with more later. Click on them to see them full-size.

My sister gave me some eggs when I was over there recently, because her chickens are producing like crazy lately. Check out the green ones. Some of her chickens are an Araucana breed, which lay colored eggs. And you thought green eggs and ham was just a story, didn’t you?


Here’s one of me playing with Pepper earlier. When she gets really bored, she’ll bring me one of the leather gloves I keep lying around, so we can fight. She’s pretty careful about not biting me, but she still catches me with a claw by accident once in a while, so the gloves help a lot.

Dog Fight

Later we went for a walk, and I threw a dog treat up on top of a big pile of snow, thinking I’d get a picture of her standing on top of it, but she grabbed it and got back down so fast that my freezing fingers were too slow.

Queen of the Hill

More to come soon!

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