Mar 07 2007

Something Silly

I’ve really let this thing get behind lately, but I have a good reason. I’ve started a new job (and a half, sort of), so I’ve been focused on that. Once I get settled into it, I’ll write about it here, and make more time for keeping this up. I just don’t have much extra brain power for anything extra right now.

So here’s something silly instead: the Name Decoder. Enter your name (your first name is all it’ll take) and it’ll tell you what it means for a few different things. Here are the results I got:

Artificial Advanced Replicant Optimized for Nullification
Get Your Cyborg Name

Abhorrent Abomination from the Ruined Ominous Necropolis
Get Your Monster Name

Amorous Adonis Rendering Orgasms and Necking
Get Your Sexy Name

More to come in a few days, I promise!

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