Apr 15 2007


I’ve started carrying my camera around town with me, to take pictures of whatever looks interesting, now that it’s spring and the sun comes out once in a while. So here’s some photo-blogging, comments below the pictures….

This is on the southwest edge of town; someone converted an old barn into a house. It looks pretty cool. I wonder if there’s a room in the silo?

The rest of these are from the cemetery on the west edge of town. I walk Pepper out that way a lot, because there’s a small creek on the other side that she can go hunt in. So I took pictures of some things while she was playing the other day.

When I first saw this one, I wondered who thought his gravestone had to be twice as tall as anyone else’s, but no, it’s just the statue at the entrance, commemorating the people who started the cemetery.

You know, I’m certainly no feminist, but I’m glad we don’t do this anymore. No, I’m afraid the other side doesn’t say, “Charles, Husband of Catherine.”

“He done what he could.” Kinda says it all, doesn’t it?

I wonder how two people “Born In France” in the 1910s end up in Barry, Illinois. Probably an interesting story there. Apparently Mrs. Kibler is still alive. There must be a lot of widows around here, because there seem to be at least ten stones like this for every one where the husband hasn’t been added yet. I know women have a longer life expectancy than men by a couple years, but walking around the cemetery you’d think it’s more like twenty.

This one broke my heart. At first I saw Aug. 12-Aug. 14, and thought, “Gosh, twin sisters died at birth, that’s really sad.” Then I realized, no, it says August 1916 to August 1917. Twin baby girls, one just past her first birthday and the other not quite there, lost within a couple weeks of each other. How horrible that must have been for their parents.

To wrap up on a lighter note, I love this one. “Ok, what should we put on Bob’s stone? Rest in Peace …. maybe something from a prayer ….. no, I know: ‘Fix It Man!’” And then the CB radio. It seems out of place on a headstone, but hey, it sure tells you more about Bob than something flowery would have, doesn’t it?

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