Sep 01 2008

St. Rose of Lima, Quincy, Illinois

The Traditional Latin Mass is coming in Quincy this fall, to the re-opened Saint Rose of Lima Roman Catholic Church. I’ll be writing a lot more about that as things develop, but here are some pictures as the renovations begin. The church was basically gutted when it was closed a couple years ago, so we have to replace almost everything except the pews, and there’s a lot of cleaning to do.

First, some pictures from outside; click on them to see them full-sized. Please excuse my low-quality camera and even lower-quality photography skills.

Update, Oct 11, 2008: More pictures here

From across the street:
St. Rose from across the street

Another angle:

St. Rose from the northeast

Front entrance:

St. Rose front entrance

Looking up at the bell tower:

St. Rose tower

From the rear parking lot:

St. Rose rear exterior

The front door handles, recently refinished and looking brand new:

St. Rose front door handles

Plaque on the front of church, showing it was built in 1912.  “Quincy Preserves” is the town’s historical preservation group, so the building is an historical landmark of some sort.

St. Rose 1912 plaque

The rectory:

St. Rose rectory

Stained glass in the north end of the transept:

St. Rose stained glass on north side

Stained glass in the south end:

St. Rose stained glass on south side

Joseph statue, which had been sold, but someone managed to track it and the Mary statue down and buy them back.

St. Rose's Joseph statue

Paintings to the north and south of the main altar area.

St. Rose fresco north of altar

St. Rose fresco south of altar

Painting on the underside of the choir loft, right above your head as you walk in.

St. Rose painting on underside of choir loft

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