Oct 03 2008

Work Continues at St. Rose

The altar installation started this week, so there are pieces and tools everywhere, and that’s why things are pretty dusty and cluttered in these pictures. I thought it’d be nice to have some “under construction” shots to look back on when it’s all finished, though. Thanks to my wife, Angel, for taking better pictures than I was able to! I have at least 100 more, that I’ll be posting in batches as I get time to label them all. As before, click on them for full-size versions.

Construction begins on the altar:
Altar under construction

Just some of the pieces waiting to be assembled:
Altar pieces

There’s probably a technical term for this, but it’s the painting in the ceiling of the dome at the center of church:
Dome painting

Some more shots of how the ceilings and walls come together:
Small domes and windows

Windows and choir loft

The view from the sanctuary:
View from the sanctuary

We have a real, old (and real old) organ, that I’m told works, but needs a little work. The pipes on one side (and the ugly air conditioner):
Organ pipes

The gorgeous window in the choir loft:
Choir Loft Window

And up-close on the center angel in that window (you really have to see these up close to appreciate how beautiful they are):
Musical Angel in Window

One of the two confessionals (complete with heat, as you can see if you look closely):

Here’s a shot from the choir loft, showing the sanctuary and the extent of the construction that’s going on:
Construction at St. Rose

And here’s a neat one with the sun reflecting off the cross:
Sun Reflecting off Cross atop Tower

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