Nov 18 2008

My Geek Code

Jason reminded me about the Geek Code; that really takes me back. Those were the days when nearly everyone on the net could do a little programming, people waited until the low-usage late-night hours to access servers overseas, and Internet polls for president gave the majority vote to whoever promised the smallest government. How things have changed.

Like everyone else, I had my Geek Code proudly displayed in my email signature for a while.  Unfortunately, due to the Great RAID Disaster of 2002, I don’t have my emails from before that year, so I can’t pull it out and dust it off.  So for nostalgia’s sake, I made up a new one.  Enjoy.

G d>+ s:+ a c++$ UB++++L+++HISCX P++++ L++ E+ W++ N++(-) o? K- w— O- M- V PS— PE++ Y+ PGP>++ t+(—) 5? X++ R>+ tv– b+++ DI+ D+ G e* h— r+++ y+++

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