Nov 21 2008

Have You Thanked Dick Cheney Today?

I saw unleaded for $1.85 today, and I’ve heard it’s a lot lower than that in some places. Whenever gas prices are high, I hear, “Grumble-grumble oil companies grumble monopolies grumble robber barons grumble set the prices high as they want.” Well, if the oil barons can set gas prices however high they like, then any drop in price must be out of the goodness of their hearts, right? Maybe they got so rich they just don’t need profits anymore. Thank you, Misters Cheney and Bush and all you other old white guys with top hats and monocles who “control” gas prices, for taking pity on us.

As you probably noticed unless you’re very new here, I changed my blog theme. The old one was pretty, but had some odd quirks that made it hard to customize. This one is cleaner and seems like it’ll work a little better for me. If not, I’ve got a few others ready to try out. Apparently search engines really like theme changes; they’ve been storming the site ever since I changed it yesterday. Bring on the random traffic!

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