Jan 07 2009

Fun with Search Terms

One thing my web server tracks is what search terms people used when they found my site through a search engine.  These are kind of interesting to look through.  Sometimes they can provide writing ideas, like if searchers are interested in a topic I named but hadn’t written specifically about.  (“Hey, other people want to know all about lard too?  I thought I was the only one!”)  Sometimes they’re just funny.  Here are a few search terms that have brought people to this blog recently.

mahjong safari cheat
I’ve actually gotten a bunch similar to this. Seems there are a lot of people looking for ways to cheat the Pogo games. I used the word ‘cheat’ in an article about them meaning a way to skip low-scoring games before they start, so I hope they aren’t too disappointed. Searches related to that game give me more visitors than anything else, except ones like this:
roman catholic latin mass quincy il
This blog might not be half as popular if I hadn’t had the St. Rose news to talk about early on. Now that St. Rose has its own site, I’m getting fewer of those visitors as they find that site directly, but that’s okay. I’ll still have my personal writings about the Latin Mass here.
why do carbs and sugar make me feel spacey?
Good thing I used the word spacey somewhere, or I wouldn’t have gotten that one. I’ve used all those words in an article, but I don’t think I’ve actually answered this question. Maybe I’ll have to sometime.
what to do for old fogeys in springfield ma?
I have no idea. Google definitely missed the mark with this one.
pronunciation of english introducation
Well, if “introducation” were a word, I’d take a stab at pronouncing it!
father might recognize my voice in confession catholic
Yes, he might. Better be good! Every priest I’ve known says he’s heard it all, though, so don’t worry about shocking him. One even said he couldn’t remember the details after hearing Confessions, and he thought that was a grace from God, wiping them from his mind so they wouldn’t affect how he dealt with people.
wife doesnt like the latin mass
Sorry to hear that, fella. Hope my articles helped in some way.
cajun brats
I hope they were looking for bratwurst, and not annoying kids who eat a lot of gumbo…
mailman being chased by a dog
This one came from Google Images. I wonder if they ever found an image of that, and what they wanted it for?
billy joel latin translation
Hmm, what’s “Piano Man” in Latin? Well, “pianist” is clavicen. But translating it as “man of the piano” to stay more true to the meaning of the song, you’d get vir clavicordi. Hmm, could this be a sign of a demand for this kind of thing? Should I start a new web site that gives Latin translations of pop songs? Infans Dorsum Habet… Nah, don’t think so.

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