Feb 10 2009

Global Warming Made My Hair Fall Out

Well, not really.  But global warming has been blamed for almost everything else.  (I keep forgetting we’re supposed to call it “climate change” now, so we don’t have to buy new bumper stickers if the temperature falls for a few years.)

I thought I’d pass along this funny page where someone with too much free time has compiled a long list of things caused by global warming, with links to the articles making the claim.  I’m sure they probably all made perfect sense to the people writing the individual articles, but when you see them piled up in one place, it’s hard not to snicker.  Just a few items that jumped out at me:

Photo from Flickr.com

Photo from Flickr.com

  • acne
  • Atlantic less salty
  • Atlantic more salty
  • better beer
  • bridge collapse
  • struggling brothels
  • extinction of everything from humans to woodlice
  • killer cornflakes
  • death of the Loch Ness monster
  • ruins ruined
  • spiders invading Scotland
  • shrinking sheep
  • tigers eating people
  • UFO sightings
  • witchcraft executions

Good stuff.

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