Feb 12 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Wow, traffic was so low yesterday, I guess either everyone took a day off from reading blogs, or my stimulus screed bored everyone as much as all the other stories about it bore me.  Maybe I’ll keep part two to myself, and keep things lighter for a while.  (Except to mention that the CBO now estimates the total cost of the stimulus package at 3.27 trillion over the ten years the plan sets out.  No, I don’t know how spending ten years from now is supposed to “stimulate” the economy right now; but again, this is about spoils, not economics.)

Photo from flickr.com

Photo from flickr.com

This weather sure has been nice.  It’s hard to resist getting the garden beds ready and starting to plant a few things, but we’ll surely get another hard freeze before spring really gets here.  Better stick to going through seed catalogs and making up wish lists for now.

For lunch I’m having something I whip up now and then when I want something quick and simple.  There’s not really a recipe because it’s different every time, but basically I put some cooked meat (in this case, leftover chicken removed from the bone after making stock) in a pan with some chopped vegetables (hot pepper rings this time, but sometimes onions, mushrooms, celery, whatever sounds good).  Brown that to your preference, then add some cream cheese and seasoning and heat on low until it’s all melted together.  Sometimes I sprinkle some Parmesan or cheddar on top at the end.  It’s not fancy, but it’s very low in carbs as long as the vegetables are, and it’s easy.

I’ve been studying up on e-books, and how to generate an income with them.  I’d never considered them before, because I tend to get stuck in the rut of thinking that if I wouldn’t pay for something, no one else would either.  I wouldn’t shell out $10-20 for information I could hunt down for free on various web sites, so why would anyone else, right?  Well, apparently many people disagree with me, because I recently listened to a podcast interview with a guy who has more than 90 e-books that are all selling and turning a decent profit for him.  Go figure.  It looks like a nice side income, at least, if I could come up with a few.

Now I just have to figure out what to write about.  I don’t think too many people would pay for an e-book of my opinions about the Latin Mass, or political screeds, or rambling stories about walking my dog.  It seems how-to books are the ones that sell.  Hmm, so what do I know how to do?  Lots of things, I’d like to think, but how many could I create an e-book about?  (And a dozen or so separate articles to market the thing.)  That’s tougher.  This is going to require some brainstorming, but a few ideas are bubbling to the top already.  I won’t have time to work on them for a while anyway.

Well, time to go choose between pork steaks or chicken soup for supper.

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