Feb 14 2009


I’m short on blogging time right now, because I’m finishing an overdue work project.  I have to take a break from it once in a while to let my brain cool, though, so I managed to squeeze out a short Latin Lesson, #9, for this week.

Just when I think I’ve really gotten a handle on the carbs for good, they sneak up and whack me a good one.  We went to my dad’s VFW soup dinner today, and it was the carb festival that public meals like that usually are.  I would have been okay, though, if I’d stopped at one small bowl of ham and bean soup—probably 20 carbs, ten more than I should have at one sitting, but manageable if I had no carbs for supper.  But then I was sitting there with my empty bowl watching people eat crackers and desserts, and decided to have another bowl of soup, twice as full as the first one.

After a nice coma-nap when we got home, I woke up feeling like my head was stuffed full of cotton—about a bushel of it.  So dumb.  Especially since I hit a new low on the scale this morning after holding steady for several weeks.   Based on a study Dr. Eades was talking about recently, I’ve been trying to increase the meat (or eggs) in my diet from the 6 ounces per meal recommended by Protein Power for a guy my size, to 10 ounces or so per meal.  That’s a lot of meat, even for a dedicated carnivore like me, but it got my weight loss moving again.  So why sabotage progress?  Just being human, I guess.

Time to go fold the Propers for tomorrow’s Mass, and get some sleep!

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