Feb 20 2009

Friday Roundup

I’m almost finished with the big project I’m working on, and then I’ll be able to get back to blogging at least daily.  In the meantime, there’s a new Latin Lesson in place: #10, on the principal parts of verbs, more uses of the ablative case,and interrogative particles.

Don’t forget the Chili Supper at St. Rose this Sunday!  It sounds like I’ll be manning the cash box again, so say hi on your way through.

We’ve got a big batch of chicken broth going today.  Next time we make it, I’ll take a bunch of pictures and write up how we do it.  The secret is the feet.

Good thing we didn’t start planting the garden during that warm spell earlier this month.  Things are frozen pretty solid out there right now.  My feet aren’t any too warm right here under my desk; I need to get Pepper to come in and sit on them.

Here’s something fun someone passed around on Twitter today, in lieu of actual creativity on my part: 8 Awesome Cars They Won’t Let You Buy.

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