Feb 28 2009

Piggies Going to Market

Since I wrote a few weeks ago that my folks had extra locally-grown, outdoor-raised hogs scheduled for butchering, we’ve sold a couple of them, but there are still a couple available.  They’re going to Kabricks’ this Thursday, March 5, so if you’re interested, please let me know by Tuesday at the latest.

They’re a bit bigger than the example I used in that piece, probably about 300 pounds or so.  That means a half-hog will give you about 90-100 pounds of meat, for a total cost of $150-200, depending on how much processing you want done.  We get the bacon and ham cured and half the sausage made into patties, and ours generally comes to about $1.70/pound.

There’s no need to pay anything in advance; just contact me with your name and phone number at aaron@baugher.biz or 217-440-0795.

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