Mar 05 2009

Garden Season Begins

When the temperature finally got over freezing yesterday, I pulled the plastic off the garden bed where we planted garlic and transplanted some herbs last fall.  The plastic probably wasn’t necessary, but we got the garlic in pretty late, so I wanted to try to keep the soil from freezing solid before the garlic got established.  The herbs—rosemary, thyme, and sage—look rough, but alive.  Most of the garlic is sending up shoots, so we should get a good crop out of that.

Here’s the west raised bed, which has the herbs and garlic.  The east one is still bare.  (Pepper is sneaking into the picture, as usual.)

The West Raised Bed, with Herbs and Garlic so far

Photo by Angel, 2009-03-05

And here’s a close-up of the garlic.

Photo by Angel, 2009-03-05

Photo by Angel, 2009-03-05

Now we’re  hoping the seeds we ordered last week will get here quickly, so we can get peas and radishes planted soon.  We also need to pick up some onion sets and get those started, and go ahead and plant some leftover lettuce seed from last year.  We’re also toying with the idea of adding another raised bed or two—we already have the lumber for one more.

We’re also planning to get some chickens soon, so I’m sure I’ll be writing about that too.  Should be a busy backyard this summer!

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