Mar 09 2009

Monday Morning Hangover

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I’m not really hungover; all I drank at the bar last night was water.  But I’m tired, achy, and sort of foggy and slow, so most of the same symptoms are there except for the headache.

I’m going to be glad when this pool league session is over.  I enjoy playing and being there, especially when I win like I did last night.  But it makes Sunday too long a day, starting with 8am Mass and ending around 11pm after pool league, usually with a family visit or a party of some sort in between.  For an introvert like me, even if all those things are enjoyable, they certainly don’t make for a day of rest.  I feel like I need to start taking Mondays off to recover from Sunday.  That doesn’t seem right.

Oh well, seven more weeks and this session will be over.  I’ll take the summer off for sure, and then switch to a weeknight if I play in the fall.  When I used to play on Tuesday nights, that was much better.

When it was raining yesterday, I wished we’d gotten some garden seeds planted.  But it got so cold last night we might be glad we waited.  If it’s too cold for germination to start and the seeds are completely soaked for a few days, they may rot.  After this storm front moves through, we should be able to plant our early stuff just in time for the next sunny spell.

My FreeBSD-induced traffic surge seems to have dwindled now.  It’s amazing how you can write 100+ articles about all sorts of different things, and you never know which one is going to happen to catch the attention of a much busier site and get you a link that quintuples your traffic overnight.  I guess that’s why most blogging experts focus more on how to create or attract links from big sites than they do on writing the actual content.  The content doesn’t have to be especially good or original, if the right person decides to share it.

Recently we tried a new recipe I found on Jimmy Moore’s low-carb site, low-carb baked macaroni and cheese using shirataki noodles.  It was pretty good, but I made the mistake of replacing the bread crumbs with crushed pork rinds and the rinds turned out to be fairly stale, so that flavor kind of overwhelmed the mild flavor of the mac-and-cheese.  Next time we’ll get some low-carb bread for the crumbs; with those it’s still supposed to have only 5 grams of carb per serving.  Fresh pork rinds would probably work okay too, but it really doesn’t need to be lower in carbs than 5/serving.  When we get it the way we like it, I’ll do a full article on it with pictures and talk some more about those noodles.

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