Apr 06 2009

Res Fortuitae

The title means “random stuff.”  I was going to use the Latin word for “miscellaneous,” but it turns out that’s . . . “miscellaneus,” so people would think I just misspelled it.  It also reminded me it’s been a long time since I watched the movie Top Secret.

Here’s something Jason passed along: Extreme sheep herding.  It’s sort of boring at first:  it just looks like people herding sheep, no big deal.  But trust me, it gets better.  I think my favorite part is that they put lights on the dogs too, so if you watch closely, you can see their tiny lights orbiting the sheep.  I know that makes no sense at all now, but it will after you watch it.

Here’s a video that everyone in US government should be required to sit down and watch over and over until they promise to stop trying to spend us into prosperity.  It’s an SNL skit called “Don’t Buy Stuff You Can’t Afford,” and it’s funny and educational!

Driving down Broadway today, I was momentarily distracted by a sign on a bank flashing “Free Checking” at me.  I’ve wondered about this for a while now.  Is free checking really that rare?  Have I just been ridiculously lucky, that every checking account I’ve had since I was 13 has been free?  The checks cost a couple cents a piece, sure; but I’ve never paid for the privilege of having or using a checking account.  In some cases, I’ve even earned interest!  For a bank to shout about its Free Checking seems like a tavern putting up a big sign saying, “Now with Beer!”

Oh, I almost forgot to share last night’s pool league happenings.  I won 4-2 against a fellow 4-handicap.  He was pretty good, so I had to stay sharp the whole time, but I was shooting pretty well.  Not quite as well as last week, but well enough to be happy with it.  We were at Rack Daddy’s, which is a pretty nice place.  They seem to be taking good care of the place and the tables, and it was busy on this Sunday evening, with all the tables in use most of the time.  The music wasn’t too loud, which is always a bonus.

I watched a couple guys playing 9-ball at the next table who were very good.  They almost never missed a shot if they had one at all, and any open shot was obviously routine for them.  One thing I noticed though, which tends to be true also of professional players on TV, was that if they had to take an unusual shot like a kick shot or a long cut on a ball frozen against the rail, they didn’t have any better chance of making it than I would.  They’d still beat me at least 9 out of 10 games, though, so I didn’t offer any challenges.

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