May 29 2009

Trade Days in Plainville

Just a quick reminder that we’ll be selling pulled pork sandwiches tomorrow (Saturday) at the Trade Days at Stone’s Prairie Market in Plainville, with the proceeds going to the Barry Winners 4-H group.  If you’re new to Plainville, come into town until you get to the four-way stop, then go North about two blocks, and you’re there.

The pork is cooking right now, and we’ll be selling it in BBQ and plain (salt and pepper).  I’ve already tasted it, and it’s excellent.  I’m starting to hope it doesn’t sell too well, so we have lots of leftovers!

There will also be craftsmen there doing things like basket weaving and soap making, rugs, purses, baked goods, etc.  The Stone family will have a historical booth about Stone’s Prairie, the original name of Plainville.  And you can get your picture taken with a lamb.

For more info, see this page on our Beebe Creek Farm site.  Hope to see you there.

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