Jul 16 2009

Latin Lesson #25: The Fourth Declension

My latest Latin lesson is up, #25.  If I do 100 of them like I originally planned, I’m 1/4 of the way through!  This one covers the fourth declension, the irregular noun domus, and the accusatives of extent of space and duration of time.  The next one will cover the fourth conjugation, and the one after that will be the fifth declension.  At that point, we’ll have covered all the declensions and conjugations, so I’ll be able to use any words except a few irregular ones.  That’ll make it a lot easier to find stuff to translate for exercises.

I’m pretty pleased with the traffic the lessons are getting so far: about 24 page views a day on average.  That’s almost all from people looking for answers to specific questions on search engines.  I need to start posting to some Latin forums to promote it a little to people actually looking for lessons.

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