Jul 23 2009

Latin Lesson #26: The Fourth Conjugation

New Latin Lesson is up, on the fourth conjugation.  No extras in this one; that’s enough to absorb.  Next will be the fifth declension, and then we’ll have covered all those, so we can use any nouns and verbs in the language except a few irregular ones.

I’ve only covered the active and imperative voices and the indicative moods, though.  That leaves the passive voice and the subjunctive mood, both of which have their own sets of endings, so I’ve really only covered about a third of the possible combinations.  The passive and subjunctive won’t take as many lessons, though, now that we’ve got the active indicative down.

Incidentally, when I was waiting at a bus stop in Chicago, I noticed a plaque on the bus stop that said Urbs In Horto.  That means “city in a garden,” but the H in Horto was kind of worn, so at first I thought it was “Morto.”  “Morto” doesn’t make sense, because mors is third declension so it would be in Morte, so I figured it out.  But just for a second, I wondered why they had a plaque up that said, “City in Death.”

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