Aug 03 2009

Low-Carb Week 3: Still Losing

I didn’t know whether to expect to lose any weight this week.  I’m still on plan, but it’s not unusual to stall for a bit after losing a lot at first.  It seems like the body has to adjust now and then before losing more weight.  Sometimes people report losing inches but no pounds for a while, as if fat is being shifted around before it is burned.

But Sunday I suddenly felt like I’d lost some weight.  It seems silly to say I can tell when I’ve lost (or gained) a pound or two, but I really can.  My clothes and my ring were fitting a little looser than they had earlier in the week.  Sure enough, when I weighed myself this morning, I was down to 240.8.  That’s 1.2 pounds down from last Monday, and 7.2 since I started, so my stats are now 248/240.8/199.  Just 41.8 pounds to go!

It was easier to avoid carbs at the fair Saturday than I expected.  We packed sliced meat, cheese, nuts, and sugar-free jello, so I didn’t really need to buy fair food.  The milkshakes went up to $2 this year, so it wasn’t hard to pass on those.  I did have one cheeseburger at the Methodist church stand, throwing away the bun.  It took a long time to learn to do that.  I was raised not to waste food, and I don’t like doing weird things in public, so for a long time I would just eat the bun and figure I’d restart my diet tomorrow.  Once I started seeing the bun as not really food, that helped.

I’m starting to feel more energetic, especially physically.  I think I’ll start some exercises this week, to use up some of the extra energy from burning all that fat.  I’ll save that for another post.

So, the foods I ate this week while losing 1.2 pounds and feeling great:

  • cheese omelette
  • meatballs and buttered green beans
  • picnic chicken and fried squash
  • creamy jello
  • plate pizzas
  • cheeseburgers (sans bun)
  • meatballs with horseradish mustard
  • chicken mushroom soup
  • meringue cookies
  • bacon and eggs
  • boiled egg
  • sliced meat and cheese
  • roasted almonds
  • chicken and cheese skillet casserole
  • slow-cooked sirloin tip roast

Between having a lot of leftovers and going to the fair one day, we didn’t prepare a lot of different meals.  The meringue cookies were from a recipe I found online, looking for a way to use some extra egg whites.  They were good enough that I’ll make them again with some variations, so I’ll write up the recipe then.

Hoping to break 240 this week!

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