Dec 23 2009

Latin News

Along with my blogging, I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from my Latin lessons lately, but that’ll change after Christmas.  There’s just been too much going on between work and holidays, but I should be able to spend more time on these side projects soon.

Anyway, it looks like I’m going to get a chance to teach Latin to real people in person.  We’re going to start a second, slower-paced Latin class at St. Rose, which will start over at the beginning, taking more time to go over some of the concepts people are having trouble with, and probably taking more time to review some English grammar that you really need to understand if you’re going to get Latin.  My vague plan is to go as slow as people need to, and make sure they get it, so I hope people will ask a lot of questions and stop me if I get to going too fast.  I’ve done some tutoring before, but I’ve never taught in a classroom setting, so it should be interesting.

The class should start soon after the first of the year.  If anyone is interested who hasn’t been to Father Devillers’s class before, please contact me, as we need to determine what night would be best for everyone’s schedule.  We’re probably looking at Monday or Tuesday, but I’d like to pick a time that’s best for everyone.  People are also welcome to attend both classes, if they like.  I certainly won’t mind if I’ve got students smart enough to correct me if I make mistakes!  The rectory has the textbooks, which I think are $10 or $15.

I’ve also started putting the Latin Mass propers that I make up for Sundays and Holy Days on a side page here on my blog, free for anyone’s use.  Maybe I can save someone else the trouble of copying and pasting and proofreading that I’ve gone through for the past year.  We’re almost up to where Fr. D. started saving them last year, so I won’t have to do them most weeks, so I’ll have time to re-proof them and publish them online.

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