Jan 07 2010

Still Trying to Eat Right

I haven’t talked much about diet lately, because I was doing kind of a half-hearted job of it.  I didn’t have any real high-carb days (except one Christmas party), because I finally got it through my head that I really don’t want to go into a seizure from falling blood sugar after the peak.  But I was getting a few too many carbs here and there—eating a few of the fries I forgot to tell them to leave out when I ordered a burger, taking a vegetable dish at a potluck that turned out to have rice in it, and things like that.  It was probably only a couple times a week, but if it takes 3-4 days for your metabolism to get fully into a solid fat-burning groove, twice a week is often enough to keep knocking it out of the groove before it gets started.

After a few months of that, and then some carb cheats at Christmas parties, I figured I must have gained at least 10 pounds, maybe more.  I hadn’t weighed myself since I was last losing weight at something like 240.2.  When I got on the scale yesterday, I was just hoping it would be less than 260.  It was 245!  I sure can’t complain about that.  I guess it shows that if you low-carb most of the time, you may not lose weight, but you probably won’t gain much weight either.  You can’t gain weight without carbs driving insulin driving fat storage.

Now that all the parties are over, I’m getting back to eating right full-time, and I’ll be writing more about it as I go.  We’ve tried some cool recipes lately, including some that use cauliflower as rice, which works way better than I thought it would.  I’ll post some of those with pictures next time we make them.

I’ve got 45 pounds to lose, and six months to my birthday, so that’s 7.5 pounds per month.  That should be very doable, so that’s my goal for now.

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