Jan 21 2010

Latin Class Moving to Tuesday

Well, my first Latin class went well, what there was of it.  We had to cut the first class short at about a half hour, so we just got through some basic pronunciation stuff.  That seems to be what people are the most concerned about, which surprised me a little, because I don’t remember spending much time on that when I learned it.  I guess that makes sense: unlike the classroom, when you recite or sing in Church, you want to speak the words correctly right from the start even if you don’t know what they all mean yet.

So we’ll be continuing on pronunciation next week, and practicing by going through the prayers at the foot of the altar (the beginning of Mass) line by line, covering any tricky words.  I think the worst one is cithara, which is pronounced CHEE-tah-rah.  The word means harp, but to me it sounds like the name of the half-girl, half-cat heroine of an 80s Saturday morning cartoon.

Class is also moving to Tuesdays at 6:30pm.  As soon as I picked Monday, I found out some people couldn’t make it on Monday, which is about what I figured would happen.  So it’ll be Tuesday until further notice.  We’ll be reviewing last week’s material again, so if anyone was interested but thought they’d missed out, you’ve got one more chance to get in at the beginning!

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