Jan 25 2010

One Dinner Down, More to Come

Well, Sunday’s dinner at St. Rose went pretty well.  We fed about 230 people, which was definitely more than last year’s January dinner.  There was leftover pork and potatoes, but I’m sure they’ll all get eaten.  None of my raffle tickets won, so I guess no one missed out by not taking me up on my “comment and get a raffle ticket” offer.  I’ll try that again next month.

I’m the co-chairman of next month’s dinner, which will be Feb. 28th and feature at least five kinds of soup plus creamed turkey sandwiches.  My co-chair already got a great raffle lined up, with a $200 gift certificate from the Butcher Block and gift cards from several other Quincy businesses.  I’ll write more about it when it gets closer, but I’m hoping to do some extra promotion this time and get 300+ people there, so I want to get an early start on that.

Some of us are also kicking around the idea of hosting occasional euchre tournaments.  Euchre is hugely popular around here, but it doesn’t seem like you hear about tournaments like you used to, since the hold-em poker craze came along.  If anyone knows of any euchre tournaments in town, please let me know.  I’d like to attend them to get an idea what people’s expectations would be, and I wouldn’t want to schedule one the same time as someone else’s.

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