May 28 2010

Friday Foolishness: She’s Gone

The last video I put up wasn’t at all creepy or disturbing, so I’m making up for that this week. Apparently, Hall & Oates were sitting around in their basement rec room one night getting stoned, and they decided to make a video. So they called up the couple next door and asked them to go to a costume shop and pick up the sparkliest, porn-iest devil costume available in 1974, and walk back and forth in front of them while they kind of pretended to mumble the words sometimes. And then the next day, everyone looked at it and still thought it was worth releasing, and it didn’t nip their career right in the bud. Amazing.  Good song, though, so here’s “She’s Gone,” by Hall & Oates, their first single from 1974.

(Incidentally, I wonder why so many older videos look so bad.  I realize they didn’t have digital recording back then, so these have been converted from VCR tapes.  But still, they look like they were rerecorded from tape to tape about 20 times, and then the tapes were left in the sun for a few years.  Or they were recorded by pointing a camcorder at the TV, possibly through several layers of wrinkly cellophane.)

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