Jul 28 2010

Milk Diet: Day 2

I got the full eight quarts down yesterday, and my temp this morning was 97.0 — higher than it’s been since I started checking it.  I’ll have to give it a few days to see if it’s really climbing, though.  I also remembered to weigh myself, so I’ve got a baseline weight of 254.

I may not get through a full eight quarts today, because I wasn’t hungry when I woke up, so I got a later start. That’s okay; it’s not like two gallons is a magic number.  That’s just what I figured a guy my size should shoot for.  The idea is to overfeed yourself, so it’s better to drink too much than too little.  I may end up averaging more like closer to 7 quarts a day; I’ll just have to see.

A little on how it’s done:  You don’t drink it in three big batches, like meals.  You sip at it gradually throughout the day.  That way your body always has a ready source of energy, and you don’t feel like you’re sloshing when you move.  So I keep a glass of milk on my desk and try to take a sip pretty often.  The other key is to drink it warm, as close to room temperature as possible.  I figured lukewarm milk would be nasty, but it’s actually pretty good.  (Of course, this is raw, pastured Jersey milk with plenty of cream; maybe store-bought stuff would be nasty warm.) Drinking a big slug of cold milk can cause some stomach cramping or discomfort, but warm it goes down easy.  I pour a quart at a time, so by the time I finish it, it’s getting fairly warm.

Off to refill my glass….

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