Dec 15 2010

Stuff Keeps Happening

I thought with the holidays coming up, I was going to get a chance to take some time off and relax, and work on some side projects like this blog.  Well, not so much.

Moving Boxes

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We’ve been kinda-sorta looking for a new place to live, but our requirements were pretty specific — in the country south-east of Quincy, but not too far from town; with some land but not enough to price it out of our range; with a house good enough to live in but not too fancy to afford; with some out-buildings; with high-speed Internet access — so it looked like it would be a long search.  So we started talking to the bank about financing to see what we qualified for, and figured maybe we’d find something next year.  In the meantime, we’d have one more year in our backyard gardens, and time to get our house ready for sale.

Then things started happening in a hurry.  A place in the paper looked like a possibility, and when we got in touch with the owner it was still available, and when we looked at it we couldn’t find any reason to reject it.  It’s everything we were looking for except with less land than we’d like, but there’s some hope we could expand later.  So in about 48 hours, we went from “one of these days” to “right now,” and now we’re scrambling to get our house ready to sell as quickly as possible.  If all goes according to plan, I’ll be blogging about a new (and much bigger) garden in the spring, and we’ll have a bigger batch of chickens to post about, and maybe some other critters too.

All that is to say I may not be blogging much for a while (not that I had been much lately anyway).  But who knows.  There’s going to be a lot going on that’d be worth writing about, with the minor fix-it jobs to do around here and at the new place, digging bulbs and moving them, moving the chickens, ordering seeds for the new garden, and so on.  So if I get the time, I’ll journal as much of that as I can.

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