Aug 11 2011

Our Mother of Perpetual Help

Something pretty cool happened at Poppe’s today. A fellow came in looking for a sort of Catholic dictionary, something that would explain technical terms like “conclave” (that’s when the cardinals get together to choose a new pope). I found a book that fit the bill; then after he paid, he asked if we had any pictures of the Virgin Mary. I pointed him to several framed prints (I really have to get them out of that dark corner), and he proceeded to tell me about how, ten years ago, he had a vision of her which helped him through some difficult times. He drew a picture of her at the time, and when he spotted a print we had of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, he said she looked just like his drawing. It turns out he’s not even Catholic, but he’s obviously curious about it, and maybe that discovery today will be a step along that path.

Our Mother of Perpetual Help

image courtesy of DUCKMARX

Events like that are the real reason I decided to buy Poppe’s when I was asked. I also think it’s a good long-term business opportunity, and certainly an interesting new challenge, since I haven’t worked in retail since managing a Domino’s Pizza store twenty years ago. But the main reason was for those moments like today, when you have a chance to give a bit of information or inspiration to someone who’s searching for Truth, or a little solace or comfort to someone who’s grieving or in pain.  It doesn’t happen every day (some days the highlight is telling yet another person not to bury St. Joseph upside down), but when it does, it’s an honor to be used in that way.

(I have a ton more to say about Poppe’s, but right now my hand is on fire from a grease burn I got cooking supper tonight, so I need to get it back on something cold.  I just wanted to get today’s story down while it was fresh.)

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